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The software is designed as a simple accessory for teaching math. The program can represent the following objects in 3D space: regular prism (3 to 10 sides); general three-sided prism; special four-sided prism (adjustable inclination of sides); regular pyramid (3 to 10 sides). For each geometrical object, certain parameters can be interactively adjusted, such as: height and length of sides, inclination of sides, number of sides, etc. Each object can be gradually and smoothly opened or closed from its basic net to a geometrical object. Each adjustment of parameters is interactive and seen immediately - animated. Each object can be freely rotated in 3D space at 'all times of the process'. Additionally, each object can be zoomed-in, or zoomed-out, at any scale. 3D animation executes at high speed - in real time, even on slower machines.

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